Ada Ehi

BORN OF GOD ~ Now (Presave+Download)

It’s been a long while I know and I apologise… My hands are up in the air, please forgive me, 😩 not making any excuses but Adamama has been working.

BORN OF GOD the album will bear witness, it’s coming on the 18th of December at the stroke of your midnight anywhere, everywhere. ☺️ Thank God for his grace, a lot of work went in but his love outshines it all.

NOW, track 4 off the album coming is out NOW 😉 sending the link with this mail so I won’t stress you at all 🤓

Fam, tell someone to tell somebody, call everyone, 16 Sounds of Hope, Faith, and Love are about to grace you.

I love you especially

Ada Ehi

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